MediaSoftPro frequently asked questions regarding products, solutions, services, policies and offers

Some of your Questions:

Q. How Product License Works?

It varies differently, but normaly we provide unlimited domain / usage license for each product. It means once you get license, you can use our product freely in unlmited projects until you meet with our Terms of use guidelines

Q. For how much time i can qualify for free upgrade after purchase?

After purchasing product, you will be qualified for free upgrade till one year of upgrade. Some products may have life-time upgrade options. We can offer life-time free upgrade option on any product on request by paying additional fees.

Q. What's the renewal cost after free upgrade expired?

Once you purchased our product, till one year you can get free upgrade. After one year when your free renewal / upgrade expired, you have to pay 30% of product fees to get product and upgrade free renewal for one more year.

Q. How product customize options work?

With some type of products like Web Projects, we offer customization options to add ore remove available options according to your requirements.

e.g Instead of buying a product that have built-in support for (Videos, Photos, Albums, Forums, Q&A, Groups, etc), but you only need solution with (Videos, Photos, Forums) then we offer customize package option to make sure we provide custom package according to your need.

Q. Will it effect price when select customize option?

Yes if you select a package that have e.g built-in features like (Videos, Photos, Classified Listings, Forums), but you only need custom features e.g (Videos, Photos) only, then this will deduct pricing involve with deducted features.

In this way you will send list of features that you want to be there in your custom solution, we will review and give you quote. If you agree and paid, we will send you customize package on your desired delivery way.

Q. How much time it will take to prepare & deliver customized solution?

It depend on level of customized functionality and availability of our resources. It will take from minimum of 1 to maximum of 10 business days.

Q. What if i have my own custom requirements, will it effect cost & delivery time?

Adding features that is not already exist in built-in solution increase both cost and time schedule as it involve dedicated development.

In this case depend on your level of custom work and time, we will adjust resources.

We offer such customization option, you have to contact our support center to get more detail about it how it will work and the level of support we provide.

Q. Can i use my own logo and update other information on products?

Yes after purchasing our product, you can upgrade everything whether its logo or contact information or terms or use / privacy options or product template or product functionality. You are free to update any level.

Q. Can you maintain, customize & host solution?

We normally offer free installation, configuration and technical support for each customer and host on their provided hosting provider platform.

Incase someone want some additional options to maintain and host our product on behalf of customer on our servers, yes we can offer such service. This will cost you monthly maintainance and hosting charges. For more detail please Contact Us

Q. Which hosting platform you will offer as option?

We recommend hosting our products on cloud platforms including Amazon AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

We will also use one of these three cloud platforms or customer will choose to host and maintain customer solution.

Q. What is refund policy?

We provide refund policy for every paid product. Once you buy our product, you have 60 days to file refund incase you can't use our product or our product doesn't meet with your requirements.