ASP.NET Classified Solution 3.1 Has Been Released

Today we released the most advanced, ASP.NET Classified Ad-Listing Solution 3.1 bundle. There are hundreds of changes, major feature upgrades, enhancements, and technology updates. This document will cover core changes.

This release applies to all Ad-Listing solutions, although some solutions have their own functionalities

  • ASP.NET Real-Estate Solution
  • ASP.NET Auto Listing Solution
  • ASP.NET Ad-Listing Solution

List of main enhancements, additions, and changes in ASP.NET Real-Estate Solution 3.1

  • Upgrade solution to latest ASP.NET .NET 6 Runtime
  • Upgrade Angular App to the latest Angular 13+
  • Introducing Domain Cluster to manage multiple domains in a single application utilizing a single database
  • Extended category system to support various types of new documents including Pages, SDK, Revision based Documents, etc
  • Add support for managing Root Pages
  • Add support for managing revisions-based documents, user guides, technical documentation
  • Add support for group-by-core sections as listing types e.g in Real-Estate 'Homes', 'Commercials', 'Lands'
  • Add support for handling n-tier directory structure mappings for Root Pages, SDK, Documents, Ad-Listing Categories, Blogs, and more e.g "/page/electronics/computers/graphic-cards/nvidia/rtx-3090"
  • Enhanced Angular Application for Admin / Account Panels
  • Rewrote the whole SDK  to make it more efficient and handle data processes that are normally very complicated or impossible to handle.
  • Rewrote managing and processing dynamic attributes. Now site admin can set unlimited dynamic attributes for Ad-Listings, Agencies, Agents, etc profiles These dynamic attributes can be efficiently processed and available in both listings, searches, and on profile pages.
  • Re-architect controllers and roots utilize the latest SDK and routes to make code 80% less and more efficient.
  • Re-architect templates and theme processing.
  • The complete SDK tool is now available with a core solution
  • Re-architect mapping listings & searches, mostly used in Real-Estate Solutions.
  • Re-wrote controllers to add support for multiple outputs e.g View, Map View, JSON, RSS, ATOM, Google Sitemap, etc
  • Re-wrote payment & billing modules
  • Re-wrote whole reporting modules for Ad-Listings, Agencies, Payments, etc
  • Introducing Ad-Listings, Agencies / Companies Analytics & Reporting
  • Improved Media Processing
  • Made solution 50% more efficient, less code, and scalable.
  • Improved Application Security [Angular Apps]
  • Rewrote Roles / Permission Module in Admin Angular Application
  • Improved Gamification Script
  • Add support for handling credentials via Environment Variables.
  • Re-designed Configuration & Settings Module to handle site-wide configurations in a much more efficient way.
  • And hundreds of more improvements & updates