ASP.NET Gamification Solution is a professionally written, highly scalable, easily customizable, portable gamification script written in ASP.NET Core, .NET 5 with all basic and advanced features included which are required to build socially motivated complex Badges, Rewards, Levels, Points, Credits, Events, Packages, etc system within your existing solution that normally take months to be built with a high level of complexity and proficiency required.

It includes 100% source code with full documentation that can allow you to easily customize, add more functionality or extend its existing functionality according to your requirements easily and fastly

It has built-in support with world-leading cloud services including AWS Webservices for storing, transcoding, and secure streaming (via standard CDN networks) unlimited videos without effect website performance & storage.

It supports both traditional server and docker-based deployment and has 100% compatibility with both Windows and Linux.

Example Code

// Award Badge
var badgeId = 34;
Jugnoon.Gamify.ga_core_bll.Trigger_Item(_context, userID, badgeid);

// Unlock Reward
var rewardId = 45;
Jugnoon.Gamify.ga_core_bll.Trigger_Item(_context, userID, rewardId);

// Get Points
var pointId = 43;
Jugnoon.Gamify.ga_core_bll.Trigger_Item(_context, userID, pointId);
// Get Credits
var creditId = 33;
Jugnoon.Gamify.ga_core_bll.Trigger_Item(_context, userID, creditId);

// Unlock Level
var levelId = 22;
Jugnoon.Gamify.ga_core_bll.Trigger_Item(_context, userID, levelId);




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  • 100% source code
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