Getting Started

MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder Toolkit is a collection of projects, APIs, SDKs, Cloud Functions, and other utilities that can help developers to build enterprise-grade, business-critical, highly scalable, cloud-ready applications fastly and reliably that usually takes months or years to make while consuming expensive resources.

Its main objective is to provide a core base for your developments while allowing you to keep the focus on what you actually want to build.

MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder Toolkit version 3.3 includes

EnterpriseAppBuilder Back-End Project

Written in the latest ASP.NET, .NET 7 runtime with hundreds of modules, APIs, SDKs, reusable components, built-in templates, and other scripts that can provide a core base for your application development.

EnterpriseAppBuilder Front-End Project

Written in the latest Angular 15+ framework, which includes multiple applications covering different parts of the application

  • Admin Control Panel
  • Company or Business Accounts
  • User Account Panel
  • Installation
  • Mobile Applications
  • Other Toolkits

In summary Font-End projects can help you control front-end applications, UI, business logic, and more.

Angular Toolkits

It’s a powerful utility toolkit written in the latest Angular 15+ framework and used in the core EnterpriseAppBuilder Front-End Project for providing complex dynamic forms, media, and content processing. The list of core components include

  • Reactive Forms (Building Complex forms from dynamic data)
  • Uploaders (Real-time uploaders for media and other files)
  • Croppers (Image Cropper)
  • State Complaint Complex Listing Processings Modules
  • Theme and Content Editors
  • And much more.
AWS Lambda Functions

It includes utility functions that can be used to cover tasks in the background within the cloud e.g

  • Generating image thumbnails
  • Publishing videos, generating thumbnails over the cloud
  • Processing heavy resource-intensity tasks
  • Analyze data
  • And hundreds of more


ASP.NET Solutions

List of solutions built and released by Mediasoftpro using MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder Toolkit version 3.3.

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