• Getting Started

    Getting started, installation and configuration guide for jMedia Core Framework and related products.

  • Installation

    This document provide detail notes & instructions for installing, building & deploying ASP.NET jMedia on ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET Core Platforms

  • AWS Webservices

    This document will guide you how to enable aws webservices in ASP.NET jMedia to start storing, transcoding and streaming media files from cloud.

  • Listing SDK

    ASP.NET jMedia support advance Listing SDK that can help you design content listing on hundreds of ways within minutes without making manual effort to create listings.

  • Email Integration

    This article can guide you to enable and configure email processing within ASP.NET jMedia.

  • Video Uploaders

    This document provide list of uploading options provided by ASP.NET jMedia

  • Content Review System

    ASP.NET jMedia include conent review & approval module that can help site administrator to review user posted contents and task action into it