MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder - CMS (Content Management System)

MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder includes core CMS (Content Management System) for the management of website content, profiles, and services. 

The CMS module is part of multiple modules that manage different types of content. The list of main CMS modules includes


It manages pages for each domain. Pages include

  • System reserved pages, these pages are generated at the time of creating the domain and can't be deleted e.g Sign-In, Sign-up, etc pages.
  • Admin managed pages
  • Pages can be managed n-layer in the parent-child hierarchy.

It manages n-layer categories in the parent-child hierarchy for different types of content including

  • Manage categories e.g for blogs, videos, products, etc
  • Manage navigation links e.g for Header Menu, Footer Links, and Sitemap Links or you can use it for any custom need.
Documentation Docs

Just like categories, documentation docs can be managed in an n-layer parent-child hierarchy but have extended functionality.


It is a core module for managing services offered. List of supported project types

  • Solution with extended revisions, cultures, and documentation support
  • Services
  • Training
  • etc

It's a core module for managing biography and profiles for any type of physical goods e.g mobile devices, games, and artists e.g models, celebrities, etc

News, Blogs, Magazine

It's a core module for managing blogs, news, magazines, and related content.


It is a core module for management, hosting, publishing or processing, and streaming media including

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Songs or Audio Files
  • Albums or Playlists
  • Movies
  • etc

A core module for managing help and support center to provide a bridge role between staff and customers over services offered.


A core module for managing discussion forum topics

Polls & Contests

It is a utility module in CMS that can be used for typical polls or contests or can be extended and used for managing quizzes.