MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder v3.3 - What's New

MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder Toolkit ver 3.3 is re-architect and included hundreds of new core modules, features, re-usable components, enhanced toolkits, APIs, SDKs, user interfaces, security models, and much more. 

List of core changes in version 3.3 includes

  • Upgrade core project to .NET 7 Runtime
  • Upgrade Angular Applications to the latest Angular 15
  • Re-architect Theme Management System
  • Re-architect Domain Management System
  • Introducing new Content & Theme Editor
  • Add support for SaaS Applications
  • Add support for Business Directory Listing Solutions
  • Add Polls and Events modules in core CMS modules.
  • Re-architect DMS (Document Management System) system
  • Re-architect Website Pages Management
  • Enhanced Core SDKs for data listings and APIs
  • Enhance Core SDKs for data analytics and reporting.
  • Enhance Theme Layout System for Public Pages.
  • Re-architect Ad-Listings Modules
  • Add new Ad-Listing templates for Pets
  • Re-architect and enhance features for the Job Listing Module
  • Re-Architect Media Processing Modules
  • Enhanced Angular Apps
  • Introduced Angular Toolkit
  • Introduced Lambda Functions
  • Add CMS Template for Mobile Devices, Gaming, Artist Biography, and Others
  • Introduced data seeder for dump test data
  • Enhanced Cron Job Modules for core modules.
  • And hundreds of more enhancements.