MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder - Ad Listings Solution

MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder includes a list of core modules, built-in templates, and shared modules that can help you build advanced, full-featured classified Ad Listings solutions targetting any specific area or general AD listing platform.

Builtin Templates

MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder Ad Listings modules include built-in templates that can help you build and customize your application more quickly.

Here is a list of supported built-in templates


Build a listing application (Buy, Sell, Rent, Wanted, Exchange, Offer) for property (home, commercial, lands, etc) listings.


It can help you build a listing application (Buy, Sell, Rent) for auto listings that typically includes cars, trucks, buses, boats, bikes, etc


A complete package with extended modules designed for building a great job portal application for employers and job seekers.


It can help build listing applications (Buy, Sell) for pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc)

General Ad

It can help build general-purpose Ad Listing solutions to facilitate users, companies, and service providers to buy, sell, rent, wanted, and exchange old and new items.

Ad Listings Builtin Solutions

List of solutions Mediasoftpro built and released utilizing MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder Ad Listings core modules.

Ad Listings Features

Although some extended templates and modules have their own set of custom features all Ad-Listing applications shared more than 70% of features.

List of shared modules and features available in MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder Ad Listings.