Entering Into The New Era Of .NET Development

In the past, we used to build and launch our Web products in ASP.NET framework that was too, previously written in ASP.NET CORE 3.1. 

ASP.NET Framework was used by us to create both Form-based and Web-based applications and also developed Web services through it.

ASP.NET provides programming guidelines that were used to develop a wide range of applications—from Web to mobile to Windows-based applications because its framework can work with several programming languages such as C#, VB.NET, C++, and F#. 

What's New?

We recently launched an upgrade of our previous ASP.NET Web products to the latest .NET 5 framework. 

The first thing you have to know is that .NET 5 brings you a New unified version of the .NET world.

.NET 5 goal is to empower unified .NET client applications projects to create deliverables for various platforms including windows, UNI, LINUX, Legacy Windows, iOS, Android, HTML, and Macintosh.

.NET 5 provides a common set of APIs that aligns the different runtime implementations. This set of APIs is identified by the net5.0 Target Framework Moniker (TFM), which is the token you set in your .NET project to specify the target framework. This enables the application to run on any runtime implementation supporting .NET 5. However, you can still build applications for a specific platform.

The .NET 5 ensures to incorporate of the best of .NET core functionalities

  • Cross-platform implementation with any device
  • Supports all key platforms features for .NET Core, Xamarin, .NET framework
  • Open-source and community-oriented
  • Fast, scalable, and high-performance.
  • Support with future updates to Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio 2019, command Line Interface, and Visual Studio for Mac. 
  • Support for platform-specific features like Windows Forms, and WPF on Windows. Side-by-side installation
  • Smarter Deployment and Packages
  • Small project files
  • And many more.

Developers writing .NET 5 apps will have access to the latest C# versions and features. .NET 5 is paired with C# 9, which brings many new features to the language.  Here are a few highlights:

Records: reference types with value-based equality semantics and non-destructive mutation supported by a new expression.

Relational pattern matching: Extends pattern matching capabilities to relational operators for comparative evaluations and expressions, including logical patterns—new keywords and, or and not.

.NET 5 is bringing to us a new way to build cross-platform user interfaces. With the help of the .NET MULTI-PLATFORM App UI framework, also known as .NET MAUI, it will make our solutions capable enough to build user interfaces for Android, iOS, macOS, and windows with a single project.

.NET 5 will impact the existing .NET projects and opportunities.

The idea behind upgrading our products to .NET 5  is to make .NET development simpler but also richer in every sense. We are determined to bring more power and functionalities to our solutions.  We thrive to move in the new era of .NET development and want to provide our clients with the latest and cutting-edge solutions.