MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder v3.3 has been released.

After more than a year of effort and hundreds of enhancements, including adding new core modules, components, and toolkits we released version 3.3 of MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder.

MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder Toolkit now includes

  • Core Back-end Application for Public Applications, APIs, and SDKs
  • Angular Apps for Admin Control Panel, Business, and User Accounts
  • Angular Toolkit
  • Lambda Functions
  • etc
Supported Platform

MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder Toolkit version 3.3 is currently available for .NET 7 (ASP.NET Platform).


ASP.NET Classified Solution 3.1 Has Been Released

Today we released the most advanced, ASP.NET Classified Ad-Listing Solution 3.1 bundle. There are hundreds of changes, major feature upgrades, enhancements, and technology updates. This document will cover core changes.

This release applies to all Ad-Listing solutions, although some solutions have their own functionalities

  • ASP.NET Real-Estate Solution
  • ASP.NET Auto Listing Solution
  • ASP.NET Ad-Listing Solution

ASP.NET QA - Knowledgebase Solution Temporary Discontinued

Today we announced temporarily discontinued support for ASP.NET QA - Knowledgebase Solution until we do not upgrade this product using the latest version of ASP.NET.

The main reason to discontinue as this product relies on ASP.NET runtime and other third-party tools that already have ended lifeline and support

We will soon upgrade this product utilizing the latest front-end and back-end frameworks, tools, languages, and approaches and will make this product available back.

Your feedback are appreciated


We are thrilled to announce that we have launched A fully integrated, cloud-enabled, and impeccable ASP.NET Real Estate Solution (version 1.5) that helps you in creating a leading real estate platform that supports you in generating businesses of all sizes for existing and stand-alone applications.

The new real estate solution carries numerous architecture improvements, supports enhanced and latest functionalities, more code improvements, fixing the previous bugs that make it the world’s best cloud-enabled, and Highly scalable unique Real estate solution.

We offer you solutions that cater to the unique needs of real estate businesses and the changing expectations and behavioral patterns of clients. 

With our ASP.NET REAL ESTATE SOLUTION, you can accomplish all purposes to amplify your business in an acquainted way.

Our Real Estate solution is a proud leading solution in the Real Estate Industry developing, implementing, and programming custom real estate management software that seamlessly integrates with CRM, MLS platforms, and automated workflows.

Entering Into The New Era Of .NET Development

In the past, we used to build and launch our Web products in ASP.NET framework that was too, previously written in ASP.NET CORE 3.1. 

ASP.NET Framework was used by us to create both Form-based and Web-based applications and also developed Web services through it.

ASP.NET provides programming guidelines that were used to develop a wide range of applications—from Web to mobile to Windows-based applications because its framework can work with several programming languages such as C#, VB.NET, C++, and F#. 

New Prices With More Incredible Features

You may choose to build a web solution with ASP.NET as it will help users enjoy cool features and keep things within your budget. ASP.NET is one of the most advanced web development framework launched by Microsoft Corporation.

It can develop the most user-friendly shopping sites and e-commerce portals with features that support dynamic pages, HTML, and CSS, and many benefits of ASP.NET MVC.

With ASP.NET it becomes easier for you to build inexpensive Web solutions that possess smart features.

Extended Solutions To Python Django Framework

Python undoubtedly, is an interpreted, dynamically typed, and high-level language. It also implements the basic concepts of an object-oriented programming language (OOP). Python provides a wide range of frameworks including the Django framework. Python is one of the best tools for creating dynamic scripts on large scale as well as on small scale. 

Since 2007, we built and provide highly efficient and dynamic solutions in ASP.NET, ASP.NET WEB FORM, .NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET CORE, C#, and .NET 5 frameworks which proved to be very successful but keeping in the mind the new era of cutting edge technologies and frameworks and users changing attitude towards those latest technologies, Now, we officially start supporting and extending our products to Python Django framework.

Restructure Product Documentation And Knowledge Base

Documentation exists to explain product functionality, unify project-related information and allow for discussing all significant questions arising between stakeholders and developers. Previously, we used to write classic and simple articles to provide detail about our product's functionality and user guide for the end-user which was not much flexible for them to understand and was quite difficult for them to access information and support regarding our products and developer technical documentation.

Now, we have written a new and improved version of our product’s documentation most simply so that readers can understand it without consulting the tech dictionary.  We integrate the documentation with each product’s profile to provide professional documentation, knowledgebase, support, and feedback system.

Restructuring And Launching The New Website

We are very excited to announce the relaunching of our website’s News blog/information section. Visit us at After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to  officially relaunching the website’s blog section supporting our products in a very efficient manner than the previous one that was serving our users since 2007. 

Now the relaunched version of the Blog section is more detailed, easier to navigate, information-friendly, and favorable.

As a pioneer in technology and innovation, we need to make information regarding our thoughts, products and services, and trends easily accessible for our current and prospective clients. We endeavor to provide our clients' partners with the most accurate, up-to-date information and share our knowledge and expertise in the field of product development and innovation. Our previous blogs section was limited to information regarding  product releases only, but now our relaunched version of the blog section will  benefit you in a detailed manner about the  following aspects: