ASP.NET Video Converter (Media Handler  Pro is a powerful and most advanced FFmpeg wrapper for .NET Framework, ASP.NET Core, .NET 5 Applications that can help you process media files by executing any level or type of FFmpeg commands in the background, sharing processing data (including media, error log, or progress stats) within the application.

It can process any size or format of video without affecting the performance of your application.

It can also be used in any type of .NET Framework, ASP.NET Core, .NET 5 compatible applications to provide real-time, complex video processing, transcoding, publishing experience.

Basic Example

     "sourceFile": "intro_102.mp4", 
     "publishFile": "intro_102_pub.mp4", 
     "ffmpegCommand": "-s 640x380 -c:v libx264 -preset medium -crf 22 -b:v 500k -b:a 128k -profile:v baseline -level 3.1",
     "outputExtension": ".mp4", 
     "generateThumbnails": true, 
     "applyMeta": true 


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