jAngular 2 Toolkit

Angular toolkit is a collection of portable components, architecture design and code patterns that can help you speedup building complex application using angular framework.

jVideoUploader - ASP.NET Core Video Uploader & Transcoder

Advance real-time video uploader, converter & transcoder for ASP.NET Core Applications

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro

ASP.NET Media Handler Pro is a powerful ffmpeg wrapper and media encoding utility written in c#, which allow you to encode videos, grab thumbnails, post watermark, split & join videos, stream videos, generate slideshows on the fly within your asp.net and .net applications.

jMediaHandler - ASP.NET Core Video Transcoder & Converter Utility

jMediaHandler is a powerful utility script that can help you add complex video processing with real time progress ability within your asp.net core applications.

MyAccount App

It is lightweight single page user account management written in latest Angular 6+ framework that can boost performance, extend functionality, decrease code, make application portable & compatible with other languages.

jDashboard Application

jDashboard is advance single page dashboard application written in latest Angular 6+ framework that decreases almost 80% of code while increases performance upto 20 times faster than traditional control panels and extended opertunities for adding features that was impossible before.

jGamify - Advance Gamification Script

Advance gamification script that can be easily integrated with any solution to add gamification (badges, rewards, points, credits, levels etc) on the fly

jAngular - Angular JS Toolkit

jAngular is a small framework written in angular js 1.* that can help add complex functionality within your existing angular js applications on the fly that normally takes days of effort to accomplish.Its fully customizable and can help you add more and more modules and adjust existing functionality according to your project requirements

VUploader - ASP.NET Video Uploader

VUploader is a portable component for asp.net webform and mvc applications that can be easily integrated within your existing application to add enhance real time video uploading and publishing ability.

jChart - Organizational Chart Maker Script

jChart is organizational utility script that can be easily integrate in any web / mobile application to allow you to create and share any level / type of organizational charts in real time.

jTree - Family Hierarchy Tree Creator Script

jTree is a complete utility script that can be easily integrated and customized with any web & mobile solution to allow users to create and share their family hierarchy trees in real time.