Embarking on a Transformational Journey: The Evolution of Mediasoftpro Product Branding

Since the inception of our first groundbreaking product in 2007, we have witnessed remarkable growth in our offerings, catering to diverse industries and clientele. In the early days, we introduced our products with simple names, without distinct brand identities, owing to our limited range of offerings.

Over the years, fueled by our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, our portfolio has flourished exponentially. We have developed an extensive array of cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. As our product line continues to expand and reach new heights, we recognize the significance of establishing a distinct and consistent brand identity.

In line with our vision to deliver excellence and unparalleled quality, we have taken the momentous decision to provide each of our core solutions with a unique and definitive brand name. This strategic move will not only empower our products to stand out in the market but also reinforce our commitment to delivering top-notch experiences to our valued customers.

Our re-branding endeavor embodies our unwavering dedication to staying at the forefront of technology and ensuring seamless integration of our solutions into your business processes. With this exciting transformation, we seek to communicate our brand values more effectively, enabling us to forge stronger connections with our clientele and partners.

Here is a list of products with new brand names

Introducing our Renowned Product Lineup with Refreshed Brand Names:


Introducing the "PlacoAppToolkit" - our Enterprise App Builder that empowers your business with cutting-edge applications.


Welcome to the world of "PlacoRealEstate" - our Real-Estate Solution that streamlines property management and transactions.


Rev up your business with "PlacoCarListings" - our Automotive Listing Solution designed to boost your car sales and listings.


Discover the power of "PlacoClassifiedAds" - our Classified AD Listings Solution that connects buyers and sellers seamlessly.


Hiring is made easy with "PlacoRecruiter" - our JobsBoard Listing Solution to find the perfect candidates for your organization.


Find your furry companions with "PlacoPetListings" - our Pet Listings Solution to match pet seekers with their ideal pets.


Navigate through "PlacoDirectories" - our Business Directory Listing Solution, connecting businesses and customers effortlessly.


Explore a world of software solutions with "PlacoSoftware" - our Software Directory Listing Solution for developers and users.


Experience top-notch healthcare with "PlacoHealthCare" - our Healthcare Directory Listing Solution for medical service providers.


Savor the flavors of success with "PlacoRestaurants" - our Restaurant Directory Listing Solution for the food industry.


Build your online empire with "PlacoEcommerce" - our Ecommerce Solution tailored for your digital business needs.


Manage documents with ease using "PlacoDMS" - our Documentation Management Solution for efficient data organization.


Stay updated with "PlacoNews" - our New & Magazine CMS Portal that delivers the latest news and updates.


Share and stream content effortlessly with "PlacoMedia" - our Media Streaming & Sharing solution that connects audiences worldwide.

Embrace the future with our revamped products, now with refreshed brand names that embody our commitment to innovation and excellence. Explore the possibilities and elevate your digital journey with Placo Solutions.

We are committed to using a new brand name for each newly released solution, and for our existing products, we will adopt the new brand names going forward.