MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder V3.3 Has Been Released.

After more than a year of effort and hundreds of enhancements, including adding new core modules, components, and toolkits we released version 3.3 of MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder.

MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder Toolkit now includes

  • Core Back-end Application for Public Applications, APIs, and SDKs
  • Angular Apps for Admin Control Panel, Business, and User Accounts
  • Angular Toolkit
  • Lambda Functions
  • etc
Supported Platform

MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder Toolkit version 3.3 is currently available for .NET 7 (ASP.NET Platform).


Templates & Modules

MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder version 3.3 have built-in support for 5+ core modules with templates that can help build applications of these sectors faster than ever before.

It includes

  • Ad-Listings: A core module for building Ad listing type buying, selling, and exchanging items e.g Real-Estate Property Listings, Auto Listings, Pets, General Item listings, etc
  • Jobs Portal: A core module for building a complete job portal solution.
  • Directory Listings: A core module that can be used for building advanced business directory listings applications targetting any specific business or general targetting any business.
  • E-commerce: A core module that can help you build any type of eCommerce application for selling physical products, services, and digital media.
  • CMS: A collection of core modules for building an advanced Content Management System in a way that was not possible before.
  • DMS: A core module extended from CMS that can help you build an advanced Document Management System
  • Media: A core module for building advanced media processing, publishing, hosting, and streaming solutions.
  • Saas: A core module that can act as a starter application for building complex business critical SaaS business applications
What’s New

MediaSoft.EnterpriseAppBuilder version 3.3 is a complete toolkit with hundreds of improvements, additional templates, scripts, and reusable components. A list of core changes include

  • Upgrade core project to .NET 7 Runtime
  • Upgrade Angular Applications to the latest Angular 15
  • Re-architect Theme Management System
  • Re-architect Domain Management System
  • Introducing new Content & Theme Editor
  • Add support for SaaS Applications
  • Add support for Business Directory Listing Solutions
  • Add Polls and Events modules in core CMS modules.
  • Re-architect DMS (Document Management System) system
  • Re-architect Website Pages Management
  • Enhanced Core SDKs for data listings and APIs
  • Enhance Core SDKs for data analytics and reporting.
  • Enhance Theme Layout System for Public Pages.
  • Re-architect Ad-Listings Modules
  • Add new Ad-Listing templates for Pets
  • Re-architect and enhance features for the Job Listing Module
  • Re-Architect Media Processing Modules
  • Enhanced Angular Apps
  • Introduced Angular Toolkit
  • Introduced Lambda Functions
  • Add CMS Template for Mobile Devices, Gaming, Artist Biography, and Others
  • Introduced data seeder for dump test data
  • Enhanced Cron Job Modules for core modules.
  • And hundreds of more enhancements.

ASP.NET Classified Solution 3.1 Has Been Released

Today we released the most advanced, ASP.NET Classified Ad-Listing Solution 3.1 bundle. There are hundreds of changes, major feature upgrades, enhancements, and technology updates. This document will cover core changes.

This release applies to all Ad-Listing solutions, although some solutions have their own functionalities

  • ASP.NET Real-Estate Solution
  • ASP.NET Auto Listing Solution
  • ASP.NET Ad-Listing Solution

List of main enhancements, additions, and changes in ASP.NET Real-Estate Solution 3.1

  • Upgrade solution to latest ASP.NET .NET 6 Runtime
  • Upgrade Angular App to the latest Angular 13+
  • Introducing Domain Cluster to manage multiple domains in a single application utilizing a single database
  • Extended category system to support various types of new documents including Pages, SDK, Revision based Documents, etc
  • Add support for managing Root Pages
  • Add support for managing revisions-based documents, user guides, technical documentation
  • Add support for group-by-core sections as listing types e.g in Real-Estate 'Homes', 'Commercials', 'Lands'
  • Add support for handling n-tier directory structure mappings for Root Pages, SDK, Documents, Ad-Listing Categories, Blogs, and more e.g "/page/electronics/computers/graphic-cards/nvidia/rtx-3090"
  • Enhanced Angular Application for Admin / Account Panels
  • Rewrote the whole SDK  to make it more efficient and handle data processes that are normally very complicated or impossible to handle.
  • Rewrote managing and processing dynamic attributes. Now site admin can set unlimited dynamic attributes for Ad-Listings, Agencies, Agents, etc profiles These dynamic attributes can be efficiently processed and available in both listings, searches, and on profile pages.
  • Re-architect controllers and roots utilize the latest SDK and routes to make code 80% less and more efficient.
  • Re-architect templates and theme processing.
  • The complete SDK tool is now available with a core solution
  • Re-architect mapping listings & searches, mostly used in Real-Estate Solutions.
  • Re-wrote controllers to add support for multiple outputs e.g View, Map View, JSON, RSS, ATOM, Google Sitemap, etc
  • Re-wrote payment & billing modules
  • Re-wrote whole reporting modules for Ad-Listings, Agencies, Payments, etc
  • Introducing Ad-Listings, Agencies / Companies Analytics & Reporting
  • Improved Media Processing
  • Made solution 50% more efficient, less code, and scalable.
  • Improved Application Security [Angular Apps]
  • Rewrote Roles / Permission Module in Admin Angular Application
  • Improved Gamification Script
  • Add support for handling credentials via Environment Variables.
  • Re-designed Configuration & Settings Module to handle site-wide configurations in a much more efficient way.
  • And hundreds of more improvements & updates


We are thrilled to announce that we have launched A fully integrated, cloud-enabled, and impeccable ASP.NET Real Estate Solution (version 1.5) that helps you in creating a leading real estate platform that supports you in generating businesses of all sizes for existing and stand-alone applications.

The new real estate solution carries numerous architecture improvements, supports enhanced and latest functionalities, more code improvements, fixing the previous bugs that make it the world’s best cloud-enabled, and Highly scalable unique Real estate solution.

We offer you solutions that cater to the unique needs of real estate businesses and the changing expectations and behavioral patterns of clients. 

With our ASP.NET REAL ESTATE SOLUTION, you can accomplish all purposes to amplify your business in an acquainted way.

Our Real Estate solution is a proud leading solution in the Real Estate Industry developing, implementing, and programming custom real estate management software that seamlessly integrates with CRM, MLS platforms, and automated workflows.

We give our customers more value by saving their time, measuring our performance constantly, and striving to work efficiently. Our real estate solution assists you to develop a powerful vision for your development, provides a strategic review of your plans, and undertakes bespoke market research to ensure your plans are aligned with market dynamics.

Our latest ASP.NET Real estate solution has the following core modifications

  • Upgrade to .NET 5
  • Upgrade to Angular App 10.1 from 8.1
  • Improved Agencies functionalities by adding support for Managing Agents/Teams
  • Fortified Packages
  • Options for Adding Reviews, Ratings, and Agents
  • Property Listings 
  • Supports New Map Searching 
  • Embellished profiling for Property Listing 
  • Supports the Extendable location so that you can configure to Target property to a specific area, or cities, states, or countries in the whole world, flexibly.
  • Add blogs/news with complete control
  • New and extended Listing SDK
  • Support added for Elastic search for Indexing property, agents, and agency data
  • Support added for the active campaign, Zendesk API for efficient campaigns
  • Support management
  • Improved version of Angular App with new functionalities and features• Supports SDK reporting for easy generation of customized report
  • Integrate the professional Private Messaging system for communication between the user and AgentThe addition of a Favourite property or saved property Feature.
  • And many more unique improvements with unique features.

Our solution is designed to keep you distant from dealing with the stress and time-consuming aspects of creating a Real estate solution. For further details, Kindly visit the change log section.

Restructuring And Launching The New Website

We are very excited to announce the relaunching of our website’s News blog/information section. Visit us at After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially relaunch the website’s blog section supporting our products in a very efficient manner than the previous one that was serving our users since 2007. 

Now the relaunched version of the Blog section is more detailed, easier to navigate, information-friendly, and favorable.

As a pioneer in technology and innovation, we need to make information regarding our thoughts, products, services, and trends easily accessible to our current and prospective clients. We endeavor to provide our clients' partners with the most accurate, up-to-date information and share our knowledge and expertise in the field of product development and innovation. Our previous blogs section was limited to information regarding  product releases only, but now our relaunched version of the blog section will  benefit you in a detailed manner about the  following aspects: